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2019 Delivery Notice
Because we had very busy for prepare the order, we may can not update the delivery notice in time, we will send email to customers inform the track number once the goods had shipped.  
25th -31th.  October.2019



Shipping Method

Canada Tommy A1 DHL
USA Ian P R1(Accusilicon*2 and Crystek *2)/A1/NFB-1AMP/ACSS cable (R1-N1A)(0.5M) UPS
USA David NFB-11.38PE(Accusilicon) DHL
USA Jay D-28.38 DHL
Singapore Chang D-77(Accusilicon*3 and Crystek *2) DHL
USA Edward NFB-11.38PE(Accusilicon) DHL
United States Jorge Master 3 DHL
江门  严先生 R 7HE(20版) SF
Hong Kong Membrey HE1 SF
USA Abdulelah R 1 (Accusilicon*2,Crystek*2)*2 DHL
Iceland Heiðar R2R2 DHL






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