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Super Value Balanced Pure Class A Headphone amp / Pre Amp
60% price of Master 9 to get over 95% sound quality level
Master 19


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DI-20,DI-20HE release.

Applied FPGA, support upgradeable,in future only want to connect the PC can upgrade inside hardware configure .

20 units DI-20 promo for pre-order (Will ship on 13th)

7 units DI-20HE promo for pre-order (25 units DI-20HE had ordered,order now will ship on 28th.)

Because the DI-20 pre-order number over our expect,
so now all DI-20 version will assemble the shield board as default.

Some few senior hi-fiers came and compared the DI-20HE, they considered the HDMI and ACSS spdif output on the same level with different flavor, users can prepare the high quality coaxial cable for compare while get the unit.


2020 Edition firmwares update available  FPGA firmwares download


About Audio-gd :
            All Audio-GD’s products are designed and developed under the leadership of Mr. He Qinghua, the “First Prize Winner” of the National Semiconductor (USA) Audio Design Contest.
           With strong research and development capability in audio technology, Audio-GD offers a complete series of Hi-Fi equipments - DAC, preamplifier and power amplifier - with our signature “Audio-GD Current Signal System“ (ACSS) technology. Our ACCS technology transmits all audio signals via “Current” domain which offers the least colored, most detailed and neutral sound. In addition, we also master advanced audio technologies like power regeneration technology and full balanced audio technology. Our technology is on a par with the international famous audio equipment manufacturers.
           Audio-GD has been growing steadily over the years and is renowned amongst local and foreign customers. We insist on the build quality with no compromise. To ensure the best quality, every technician of our company is not only well experienced but also a Hi-Fi lover.

Our Principles:
           1. All our products are hand-crafted by well experienced technician. Quality is being our first priority without sacrificing efficiency.
           2. All our products undergo more than 100 hours of burn-in, listening and thorough testing.
           3. All components are carefully paired to obtain the finest sound.

The Products Have 10 Years  Repair Guarantee


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