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We supply below payment methods:
In default we quote by the Paypal option , if customer want pay by other option, please inform we edit the quote .


USD only , Paypal charge 4.4% handling charge .)


SWIFT bank account (TT):

(USD only .
Accept company account payment only .
The bank charge around USD15-30 transmit fee for one payment .
No other handling charge.)

Bank name:                     Metropolitan Commercial Bank
Bank address:                 99 Park Avenue 4th Floor New York, NY 10016
SWIFT code:                    MCBEUS33
Fedwire ABA number:     026013356
Account number:             8799029254
Beneficiary name:            Qinghua He

Payoneer account :
( Accept company account payment only .
Accept USD, EUR , GBP, AUD, CAD payment .
No handling charge .)

USD account (Pay in USA):
Bank name:                First Century Bank
Bank address:            1731 N Elm St Commerce, GA 30529 USA
Routing (ABA):           061120084
Account number:       4025436807100
Account type:             CHECKING
Beneficiary name:      Qinghua He

EUR account (Pay in Europe):
Bank name:                Citibank
Bank address:            1 North Wall Quay, International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), Dublin 1, Ireland
IBAN:                          IE93CITI99005170604509
BIC:                            CITIIE2X
Beneficiary name:      Qinghua He

GBP account (Pay in UK):
Bank name:                 Barclays
Sort code:                    231486
Account number:        11702697
Beneficiary name:       Qinghua He

AUD account (Pay in Australia):
Bank name:                 Citibank
Bank address:             2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000,Australia
Branch code (BSB):    248024
Account number:        10186953
Beneficiary name:        Qinghua He

CAD account (Pay in Canada):
Bank name:                  Digital Commerce Bank
Bank address:              736 Meridian Road NE Calgary, Alberta T2A 2N7, Canada
Institution number:      0352
Transit number:           20009
Account type:              CHECKING
Account number:         96127639091
Beneficiary name:        Qinghua He




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