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XA-150 Mono
(Musical style design)
(100W Pure Class A Mono Power Amp)

Real Balanced Diamond Differential Design Pure Class A Mono Power Amp
A Lot K170/J74 Has Been Apply
Uses 4 Transformers (In Total 1700W ) And 180,000 Audio Grade Capacitors
Non-Feedback Output Stages In Total 48 Pc Output Transistors
Separate 8 Groups Pure Class A PSUs Power Supply
100W @ 8 ohm Pure Class A Power
150W @ 8 ohm /
300W@4 ohm / 600W@2 ohm Max Power
Can Custom Order Pure Class A Power As 30W/50W/70W/100W
Soft Start Power Design

Chassis Size: 375*510*273 MM (W*D*H, Every unit)
Pack Weight : 90KG (Two units)
Power ConsumedG700W (Two units, 100W pure class A state .)
Some RIFA caps are the used
but with warranty

Price :USD4180  (Two Units)(Exclusive the shipping cost)

Stereo  needs   two units.




History of the Diamond Differential design :

         At July 2004, I registered the brand audio-gd ,  at September 2004, I published the first generation diamond difference design at the < Radio & TV> , the best popular  audio technology magazine in China . There were a lot DIYer call me even writed letters to me discuss the circuit.          At November 2004 , the fist regular product of audio-gd , XA-100 power amp released. It had the good honor from customers , let audio-gd can stand and grow up. Before this amp, I already have 6 years experiences of built the Diamond Difference circuit .         At 2005,  the first regular DAC product  DAC-1 released,  a   TDA1541A with diamond difference output stages.
       At 2006 ,the RT-1 released ,  its sound adjusted based on a 300B tube amp.      At 2007 , the RT3 kit released for DIYers .         At 2008 , the DAC-3 released, built in 4 pcs PCM1704 with diamond difference design .
At 2009 ,the SA-300 balanced amp released .     At 2010, I design the dual TDA1541AS2 DAC for fun, we only sale 5 units to the return customers . A pair TDA1541AS2 now value USD800 in market . At 2011 is the Reference 8 and 9 released .

Some other products applied Diamond Difference design maybe can't list , like the C-2 SA, ROC-SA, SA-100.

XA-150 usual output power THD+Noise test :

THD+N at output 5W @ 8 ohm load G

THD+N at output 10W @ 8 ohm load G

THD+N at output 20W @ 8 ohm load G

Noise output level 0.25mV:



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