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All cables can be custom order different length.

ACSS cable

Master ACSS cable

Price : USD35
(1 pair , length 1 Meter )

(For connect between Audio-gd sources and preamp/headphone amps shipped after 2012.)

Price : USD100
(1 pair , length 1 Meter )

(For connect between Master series and HE series preamp and power amp.)

RCA Interconnect Cable

XLR Interconnect

Price : USD48
(1 pair , length 1 Meter )

(The plugs with lock, before connect, user want to screw the shell lose, after connect, screw the shell tighter .
If user want to disconnect the cable, must screw the shell lose at first .)

Price : USD72
(1 pair , length 1 Meter )

( Be in common use with most brands balanced product . )



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