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CD-7 Final Version
Redbook Disc Transport
With ACSS Coaxial Output

2x RCA, 2x BNC coaxial output
Price: USD1150  (Exclude shipping cost)
Weight: Approximately 16kg
Dimension:  43CM*43CM*11CM
Accessories: Stock power cable X1,two spare lasers, one Canare coaxial cable

Summarize: Since 2006, we have built and sold our limited production run CD transport every year. In 2006 we sold the CD-1, 2007 we sold the CD-2, 2008 we sold the CD-3, 2009 we sold the CD-7, this year we sell the CD-7 Final Version which is our best CD transports to date.
        CD-7 Final Version transport has two RCA and two BNC outputs for a total of 4 output sockets. Coaxial #2 RCA and BNC outputs apply ACSS/CAST technology, each individual output socket has a different sound flavor so the owners can choose their preferred sound.
        Uses all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA caps (Germanic brand), custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps, all audiophile grade input & output sockets and gold IEC socket.

Sound Characteristics:  Some CD-7SE owners feedback the CD-7SE sound as phono but without noise. In the CD-7 final version ,we change some parameter and parts, most applied WIMA caps and the special order 0.5ppm TXCO, CD-7 Final version sound die monitor and neutral.

Special order 0.5PPM  TXCO              Large DSP processor                 LED displays avoid RF interfere                              Remote control


ConfigurationGMultiple and independent shielding of Power transformers, power supply, signal processing, disc drive , coaxial output circuit, and clock circuit to avoid interference with each other. To further enable the machine to achieve the best results, we use a heavy-weight pure aluminum alloy chassis to stop interference of eddy current of the transformer on the line and all kinds of vibration, the net weight is 13KG.

Jitter: The use of low-jitter clock and power driver circuit, independent and parallel dual regulated power supply circuit of the clock power supply, ensures clean and stable clock signal.

Disc player and DSPGCD-7 Final Version employs high performance SONY DVD disc player, it can accurately and quickly read the data, and reduce error data, with computing power and strong signal of the DSP processor, it has 64MB memory. We have redesigned the system by removing the DVD functionality, as a result it only plays CD disc, the DSP computing power is equivalent to Pentium 2 computer, hence it can better perform signal and processing operations, resulting ultimately in sound quality improvement. General load CD dedicated processing circuits, such as Philips and the CDM4, have a memory of only 4KB, which is only equivalent to a 286 grade/level of computer.

Coaxial outputG No matter how good the data processing circuit, the SQ also depends on the coaxial output transmission circuit, CD-7SE Final Version uses the current digital signal transmission, which can better minimize the impact of JITTER on the digital signal sent to DAC, this circuit is compatible with 99% of standard market designed DACs , the sound quality is much better than the traditional IC or transistor output circuit, it is more comprehensive and significantly reduces the demands on the coaxial cable. CD-7SE Final Version also has another built-in high-performance coaxial output, which is a transistor circuit and has been well received by users for many years, most users agree that the sound quality is better than traditional IC output circuit. This circuit is also the first of its kind in the world and designed by me (Kingwa), and the original version of the circuit was posted in the <<Radio and Television>> in 2005. The user can output through the use of different circuits or different output sockets and the sound quality will be different from each socket.

5  Power supplyG CD-7 Final Version uses three R-core transformers to match different electric circuitry. The power transformers and rectifiers are carefully shielded from the electric field of the power transformers and rectifiers' frequency transmission. More than 38,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power feed. The NOVER capacitors are specially custom order by NOVER (U.K.) according to Audio GD's requirement. A total of 10 PSU groups are applied. 8 groups of Class-A parallel voltage regulators are combined into two groups of cascade-like parallel voltage regulators to lower the internal resistance and to purify power supply. To achieve Silent operation, the control circuit and motor serve circuit are powered with separate regulator.

Output socketsG CD-7 Final Version  has two RCA coaxial and two BNC coaxial outputs, they are all 75 ohms. BNC has the least JITTER, 10 times or even lesser than balanced digital output. RCA sockets will suit the tastes of a little softer listening preferences of different users.

FunctionG CD-7 Final Version  has automatic playback, it comes with a multi-functional remote control (such as direct selection of tracks and many other functions) made out of pure aluminum alloy. It has blue LED display, we don't use the VFD screen , because the VFD screen will transmit RF and effect the signal circuits.


Pleast Note:
1, CD-7 Final Version has extremely high fidelity; its SQ is neutral, It can show how good or how bad a recording is.
2, It is better not to stack gear one on top of the other , if necessary to stack CD-7SE Final Version on other gear, place a paper or other things on the other gear's top, because CD-7SE Final Version has aluminium feet.
         3, Attention must be given to choosing suitable power cable, coaxial cable and output signal cable.
         4, CD-7 Final Version has automatic sleep function, we advise users to turn the power off while not using the CD-7SE Final Version.
         5, If paired to low grade DACs, it may not show how good the CD-7SE Final Version is.
6. The laser's life is the same as the Philips CDM12 series, having around 3000 hours life. However, if a scratched or dirty disc is played in the CD-7 Final Version, the laser's life will be shortened.
         7, Because the shipping cost is expensive, if the laser dies, users must replace it by themselves. But this is very easy and we can offer a video to show how to change the laser assembly which costs only US$12 (our cost price).
         8, The #2 coaxial output of the CD-7 Final Version uses ACSS technology to transmit digital signal, and is compatible with 99% of the DAC brands in the world without modification of your DAC. But there is still 1% of DAC brands that aren't compatible with the CAST output, so CD-7SE Final Version has another standard coaxial output (#1) that suits all DAC brands.
         9, If you are not using the #2 coaxial output, you have to insert the shorting plug into the RCA socket of #2.



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