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USB-32 built in products driver download and firmware update:

A, Driver download:
B, Applied the tool for check which driver is proper for your device :
C, Firmware update guide
D, Try to fixed the fail update firmware
E, How to replace the firmware


A, Driver download:
1,The products shipping since 14th May. 2013 .
             Download the USB32 V2.0 driver 

2,Shipping after 1st Jan 2013 and before 14th May 2013 , driver applied V1.22
    Download the USB-32 driver V1.22

3, Shipping before 31th Dec 2012 and after 1st Oct 2012 , driver applied V1.1
             Download the USB-32 driver V1.1

4, Shipping before 31th Sep 2012, the driver applied V1.22
             Download the USB-32 driver V1.22

B, Applied the  tool for check which driver is proper for your device :
            If users don't know which driver is proper, can check by the tool .


1, Download the Firmware tool , unzip on desktop . 

2, Click the ViaDfuTool, connect the DAC and power on .
If the USB devices is empty , mean the DAC have not connect well to the computer, change other USB ports or USB cable , until the USB devices have show the device name .

3, The Subversion show the current firmware version number .

Firmware #3 :          Subversion is 0x01008f01  , device name is SVB-202D , applied driver V1.1

Firmware #4 :          Subversion is 0x01009706  , device name is audio-gd , applied driver V1.22

Firmware #5 :          Subversion is 0x01008e01 , device name is SVB-201D , applied driver V1.1, only for DI-V3 .

Firmware #7 :          Subversion is 0x0100a101  , device name is audio-gd , applied driver V2.0

Firmware #9-3 :       Subversion is 0x0100a106  , device name is audio-gd , applied driver V2.0, improve Linux compatibility from #7 .improve USB3.0 compatibility

Firmware #10-3:      Subversion is 0x0100a105  , device name is audio-gd , applied driver V2.0, only for DI-V3,improve USB3.0 compatibility

Firmware #11:         Subversion is 0x0100a107  , device name is audio-gd , applied driver V2.0, newest firmware  for DI-V3,improve USB3.0 compatibility  and SBT


C, Firmware update guide:

1, Download the update tool . (Read below guide careful )

Please note :
A, Now we have the update introduce video for download:

B, The firmware download tool only applied under Windows XP and Win7 .

C, Before reflash the firmware, must uninstall the old driver .
D, Uninstall the old driver :  Connect the USB device and power on , click the “ Install. exe “ of the old driver , select  option “Remove” . After uninstall succeed, restart the computer is necessary .

E, If user use the PC , please connect the USB port which is built on the mother board ( usually is on the computer rear) , if connect to the USB port on front, some case the USB port connect long wires connect between  the mother board the USB port maybe cause the flash firmware have interrupt .  ( The USB audio device always connect to the USB port built on mother board have better sound ).

Warning :
A, The tool is a common and have be test a lot years in VIA company without problems, we have flash the chips more than thousands for every products without anyone fail , but we can’t warranty any one can applied succeed , if users have fail flash the firmware, we can’t offer the warranty, users must want to correct the operate, or buy the new firmware chip from us , price is USD1.5 / pc exclude shipping cost  .
B, During flash the firmware chip , the USB device and the computer can’t lose power, the USB cable can’t have bad connect, otherwise will shatter the firmware chip .

Firmware update steps :

1 Users must connect the USB device and power on , uninstall the old driver and restart the computer (Please made sure the uninstall is succeed) .

2.  Unzip the firmware download tool by RAR . Click the folder "Firmware update tool"

2.Click the file ViaDfuTool.exe

3. After run the ViaDfuTool.exe file , appear a window “ VIA USB Firmware Upgrade “.


4. Click the menu “ File “ and select the option “Open Image”


5. This step is very important ! Can’t make any wrong operate .
Select “All Files(*.*)”  as below window , select the Firmware *. duf  file which is you want to update .
 (You can select either Firmware 3.dfu , Firmware 4.dfu, Firmware 5.duf , Firmware 7.dfu ect . If select a non-duf file, may shatter the firmware chip and you want buy the new one for replace )  .

6. Click the “Start” button ( please made sure the “update All “  have be select  as below picture ) .


7, Waiting around 30 seconds until the update finished , you can see the Subversion number have change, and the Trace window have display " Device is switched to normal mode successfully"  ,close the tool, restart the USB device and the computer .

8,Install the new driver V2.0 ( Or the proper driver version) .

D, Try to fixed the fail update firmware:


If user have update an wrong file to the firmware may cause the unit can’t working with USB.

User can try to fix the matter .

1, Connect the device and power on, open the tool, the USB devices show “VIA HID DFU” not audio-gd anymore . (If the tool have not show any device, check the USB connect ,

 try to connect with other USB port )

2, Click “ file ” , select “Open Image” , select “ All files ** “, Select the proper firmware update file .

3, On the right side of the tool, select “ Update All” , click “ Start ‘ .

4, Waiting few minutes until the Trace window show “ Successful ‘ message ,and the device show audio-gd again .

We have intentionally update a wrong file and succeed fixed the fail .

If user can’t fixed succeed, must want to replace the firmware chip in the device.


E, How to replace the firmware:

          The firmware chips have two packages , one is green ,another is black . The two photos show the direction sign on the firmware chip , the direction sign is forward the USB chip . ( Please note the replacement can't make wrong direction , otherwise maybe shatter the firmware or the gear .)




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