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Pure Class A  Discrete PSU
High Speed & Low Noise

Price:   (Exclude shipping cost)
Neutral version : USD35 (With WIMA caps)
Musical version : USD33(Without WIMA caps)

       Pure Class A PSU design, with V+ and V- output, offer the best speed, lowest noise and most neutral sound .
       Idle Current 80mA , and can custom order with other idle current parameter  .
       Temperature Range : 0°C to 85°C
        Installation :L98 x W65 x H45   (mm, without feet)
        Quality Components: Custom order NOVER (England brand) , WIMA capacitor , Toshiba transistors ect.
 Applied: For CDP, DAC, Preamp and power amp gain stages modify . ( Can't working for laser and motors drive circuits in CDP)

What's different between Class A PSU and Linear PSU ?
1, The different like the class A amp than the class B amp .The Class A PSU is a class A design PSU, it suit the small current request circuits, like DA chip, OPAs, DAC output stages , preamp gain stage.
The Linear PSU is the linear design, it can output large current less limit.
2, In sound, the Class A PSU have more neutral, more extend , blacker background .


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AC IN: Connect the transformer AC output.
V- OUT :  Negative voltage output.
GND : On bard the two PSU is separate,  if users use for power supply same circuit parts, please connect the two GND together, then connect to the circuits.
V+ OUT : Positive voltage output.

Must read before operate :
1, This is a Pure Class A PSU, its current output had limit at less 30mA than idle current  .If you want the PSU had higher idle current , please contact  :  audio-gd@vip.163.com .
2,  If you want large power supply, dual V+ (V-) output, please contact us for custom order.
3, The pure class A PSU can't working long time without connect the load circuit.
4, In default, the PSU input DC voltage is higher 5 to 12V than output voltage. For example, if output is +3.3V, the input DC voltage is between +8V to +15V, so your transformer output AC voltage is around 6V to 12V AC. If you want the PSU can working with higher AC voltage , please inform while place the order . We want to replace the larger heatsink on board.
5, This design for the best sound quality, it had not applied negative feedback, so its output voltage will drop a little while it become warm, this is no problems for digital audio and analog audio designs.

The advantage of the Class A PSU :
         The Class A design always is the best design in audio field . 
         The class A PSU  had some limit ,  the heat is a little hotter than the normal PSU  , the output current have limit , but these all are not the points, it have the most neutral sound reproduce keep most DIYers like to applied it in their gears.

           The Class A PSU had very high input impedance and low output impedance can avoid power disturbs . It working at class A state , have the fastest output current response.   
          In our test , the Pure class A PSU had better sound than battery.

Model Output voltage (VDC) Input voltage (VAC)
( In default 80MA idle current for 0-50MA output)
PSU-2017-3V3 + / -3.3 6 to 12V
PSU-2017-5V + / -5 8 to 15V
PSU-2017-9V + / -9 12 to 18V
PSU-2017-12V + / -12 15 to 20V
PSU-2017-15V + / -15 18 to 22V
PSU-2017-18V + / -18 20 to 24V
PSU-2017-24V + / -24 24 to 30V
PSU-2017-36V + / -36 34 to 40V
PSU-2017-45V + / -45 45 to 48V
Custom order If your transformer output have higher voltage than upon form specs, please replace by large heatsink, or install the transistors on metal chassis board.
If you want larger current output , please contact  audio-gd@126.com



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