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TDA1541AS2  Regenerative Power Supply DAC

(No for sale)

Per channel with 1 pc TDA1541AS2 as balance decoder

The Diamond Differential analog amp output.

Regenerative Power Supply reproduce the best analog feeling

Chassis Size 480*585*125 MM (W*D*H)

All Digital Settings accessible By Buttons On Front Plate (No need to open the chasis).

4 distinctive types of  different algorithms in NOS mode, and 3 types of different oversampling modes.

have 7  different tonal characteristics can be selection by the buttons on front plate.


      The later of 1990‘S,the normal TDA1541A only sell USD2 /pc, the TDA1541AS1 can bought it with price USD4.5 per pc if bought 10 pcs . Now after 20 years, the used normal TDA1541A sell USD45 , and the used TDA1541AS1 already over USD500.
       Since the later of 1990'S, I bought some chips so can support me to built the TDA1541A DAC with different circuits and parts . The final conclusion is the TDA1541A must cooperate with the Diamond Differential amp for show its best sound flavor. Other analog design all sound not as good as this combo .
       In 2007, I bought 10 pcs TDA1541AS2 from German which is same batch with built in the Marantz CD7 , that  was USD110/pc  which is made my heart drop blood. You may don't know that time, the local best house sold USD400 / Square meter , this 10 pcs can exchange a toilet in the house .But now the house price nearly USD3000 / Square meter , the blood stop drop in my heart .
       Later two customers order two units TDA1541 DAC, left 6 pcs now .
       Since I have own this 6 pcs TDA1541AS2, my heart had go on for the best TDA1541A DAC project .
       In April of 2018, I decided to start the project.
        Based on the over 10 years experience of TDA1541 DAC building, I know the best sound match with Diamond Differential and the RIFA caps.
        In the Diamond Differential design, the K170/J74 is the soul , it brings out the sound transparency and musical .
        The firmware was base on the R7 model, in future I may try to simulate the SAA7220 sound in the firmware, for get back the class sound of the TDA1541A.
        Now the unit can support up to 384K on NOS mode, and 192K on 2x OS mode, 96K on 4x OS mode, but the  8x OS only support up to 48K , limit by the TDA1541A performance.
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