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The babies in gestating

    We have not the advanced manage policy and pipelining industrial  machines 。
    Every one product have full our heart and absorbed .
    We always go in for quality but not quantity .
    Every gears must have the full parameter test and achieve the design performance, not only depend on the human's ears.
    The religious parameter control request , keep every one gear have the sound same as the design sample.
    We have spend most time on the quality control but not as the pipelining mode, the unit finished then instantly pack for shipping.
    We are not building arts but we are doing our best for the gears .
    Every one product have the only one ID, and have the record list mark the produce process, parameter , the first user file, shipping date and if have the custom order  ,ect.
    User only tell us the product ID, we can check out the product detail quickly.

1,The parts in the storage.


2,The parts after match and test, go into this storage room ready for pick up to assemble .


3, Assembling the parts .
    We request the mates assemble all parts put the parts in orderly , the parameter number on top side for easy check, soldering time must follow the guide , ect. All produce mates must join the produce education course at every Wednesday night, even though most of them have working in hear over 3 years.


4, The technicians assembling the gears.
     We request the technicians solder every wires have nice for view and steady for quality .


5, Test the gears by the technicians themselves .
     The technicians must check the parameter if follow the design , mark the test parameter on the record list for every one gear .


6, First full test by advantaged technician.
    After the technicians check by themselves, the gear send to test room , test  by the advantaged technician base on AP SYS-2722 and other equipments, mark the parameter on the record list for every one gear . The step 4 and 5 test include frequency band, channels imbalance, voltage, current, temperature, distortion , ect. The record list will follow the gear until it have be ship, then keep in our office.


7, Audition the gears by the  QC technician. Then the gears send to burn in room .


8, Burn in the gears .
    The Master series have 300 hours burn in, other gears have least 100 hours burn in for ensure the quality .
    The two advantaged  technicians test every gears every day .
    The parameter include ,voltage, current and temperature, ect .


9, The gears finished burn in, before delivery to the storage ,the QC technician have test and audition again .


10, The gear had been order .
       The QC technician check and audition, then clean and pack it  for the shipping. Before shipping , we have take some detail photo of the gear show it is perfect state on outside, the photos will keep in computer least 1 month .


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