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HE-2 MK2

Regenerate power supplys with separate 4 blocks
30W pure class A , 250W class A at 8 ohm each channel
Supports XLR and ACSS inputs
Apply Real balanced ACSS non negative feedback power amp
Apply "Linear Fidelity" technology non negative feedback output stages
Soft start power design
80 pcs ONsemi (Motorola) output transistors




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The first time connect the HE-2 MK2:

     When customer first get the HE-2 MK2, please connect the DC power cables between the power processors and the power amps C(The DC power cables ship with the product as the attachment . The plugs' shells have the screw thread, after push the plugs in the socket, rotate the shells tight . When user want to take off the DC power cable, must note rotate lose the shells then pull the plugs shell to pull off the cables.)
     Please confirm the 4 blocks power switches at the off position  , then connect the 4 power cables to the AC outlets.
     Connect the signal cables between the preamp and HE-2 MK2, confirm the HE-2 MK2 selectors that on the rear have select to proper position.

The rule of power on and off the HE-2MK2:

     The HE-2 MK2 is 4 blocks design, the power on and power off must follow below rule.
      Power on:
      Power on the source and preamp at first, then power on the two power processors (The smaller two units) , around 10 seconds later the power processors will have a "Pop" sound, then can power on the two power amps (The bigger two units).
      Power off:
      Power off the two power amps (The bigger two units) at first, then can power off the power processors  (The smaller two units) and preamp, source .

Please note:
     1, We don't recommend the user replace the DC power cable by other cables , because the wrong wires connect will damage the power processor and the power amp .
     If you must replace the power cable Athe DC power plugs have mark the number 1 to 4 on the plugs, connect the same wire correctly with the same number on both plugs .
     Please note that make wrong wires connected and cause the damage is not in warranty , user must pay the charge for the repair .
     Pin1 : Power +
     Pin2 : GND
     Pin3 : GND
     Pin4 : Power -
     If user want to use the high quality signal cable as the DC power cable, please choice the cable can work with 1A current and keep the cable as short as better  . Usually the signal cable built with 2 wires and 1 shield, the  wire 1 can connect to the Pin1 of both end , the shield connect to the Pin2 and Pin3 simultaneously of both end, the wire 2 can connect to the Pin4 of both end.
     2, The stock AC power cables can not show the HE-2 MK2 real performance , they are only for test the HE-2 MK2 if can work. We recommend customer buy the good quality power cables for the HE-2 MK2, the power amp even need two strong power cables .

     We have the power cable for customer order   http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/CablesEN.htm

How to connect the preamp only had the RCA output :

      The Single ended preamp can not show how good of the HE-2, we don't recommend that connected.




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