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Master 1 Vacuum

8 pc vacuum values preamp
Without built in silicon elements on signal and power circuits

All power caps built with SOLEN film caps
All vacuum valve filament power supply by AC
Remote function



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Please note:
         For avoid the sound quality degrade, the unit has not built the output delay design.
         After power on the unit, the display will blinking around 30 second, we are recommend power on the power amp after the display stop blink .
        If you feel bother of this operate , you can custom order the delay output while place the order .

About the XLR output :
         For easy connect the balanced power amp , the unit has one pair XLR output except two groups RCA outputs, but the XLR output signal still single ended .
         We are not agree the balance vacuum valve preamp design, we are consider the balanced vacuum valve preamp will kill the THD ,cause the preamp lose the tubelike sound .

Auto dark the display:
         While the volume on 0 step, push the volume down button quickly, the left second display show "1" mean the auto dark active, the display will dark after you stop operate all buttons .
         If you want disable the function, while volume on 0 step , push the volume down button quickly let the left second display show 0 .

Display inform:
         Left first mean the input channel number .
         Left second mean the auto dark function.
         Another two display mean the volume level, number higher volume is higher .



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