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(Dual ES9038Pro + FPGA Processor)

Discrete  DAC + Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier

Built In FPGA Processor to Reject Jitter 
Dual Sabre ES9038Pro
DSD , DXD 32bit / 384K Support From USB / HDMI
9000mW at 40 ohm (Pure Class A, per channels )
Built with OCC and Hi-end parts


Summarize Use Manual Specs Custom Option Shipping Cost

Custom order options:

1, Custom order replace the ACSS output by RCA outputs free.

2, Custom order replace the RCA coaxial input by AES,price USD10.

3, Custom order High Gain model for the HE6 and low sensitivity headphones:
      The D-27 default had 16DB gain, customers can custom order extra +6 DB gain, in total 22DB gain,  had better match with the headphone which is sensitivity low than 95DB.
       Price is USD20.

4:Upgrade three stock clocks to Femtosecond TCXOs for slightly improved the sound transparency ,price is USD60 . (Only available for D-27.28 . The D-27.38 has built in Femtosecond TCXOs already)

5: Custom order Isolator for Amanero USB input and separate isolate PSU for USB input for separate the GND between computer and DAC, price is USD30, sound transparency improve a little. (The unit after upgraded USB isolator, it still can support Apple phone USB connect .)



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