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R2R-11 mk2

Real NOS discrete R-2R DAC design

Fully Discrete Transistors Headamp And Preamp All-In-One.

Output power rated at 3800 mW @25 ohm, driving most headphones easily.

4 fully discrete R-2R DA converters (2 per DA-8 board) implementing two push/pull decoders.

2 fully discrete native DSD decoders.

Fully discrete current signal transmission design.

32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 asynchronous transfer using the Amanero 384 usb input

The whole digital circuit is comprised of 3 CPLDs (programmable chips) supporting firmware update to improve sound quality in the future.



Please note: The product improve cause the inside or outside change without inform .
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Please not:
          The R-11 mk2 has built-in fully dedicated discrete R-2R resistor ladder DA modules. Based on user feedback on other R-2R products, a long burn-in is required to achieve the best sound quality.
         Even though 100 hours are applied before shipping , we recommend another 500 hours.
You simply need to leave power on playing music and to turn down the volume if needed to quickly finish the burn-in.
         The mini remote is shipped without battery because of shipping restrictions. A CR2025 battery needs to be installed inside the remote.

Input mode: 
Push the button "Input" for select the input sources .
Input 1: USB input.
Input 2: Optical input.
Input 3: coaxial input.

Gain mode: 
Push the "Gain" button, the display will toggle between "L" or "H" .
"L" means that units works in low-gain (100 volume steps and 12DB gain).
"H" means the unit works in high gain (100 volume steps and 22DB gain).
We have applied our new gain technology, so no switch, relay or amp parameter changes when changing the gain mode, such that sound quality is exactly the same between the two gain modes. Users will want to use this feature to facilitate volume level adjustments depending on headphones.

Output mode: 
Push the "OUT" button, the display will toggle between " P" and "H".
"P" means that the unit outputs to the RCA connectors on the rear.
"H" means the unit outputs to the headphone jack on front panel.

Warmer sound setting : 
Push 2 jumpers in to get a warmer sound flavor. This affects all inputs.

Extra 6DB gain setting :
Push 2 jumpers in for an extra 6DB gain. This affects all inputs. Please note that you do not need to remove the volume boards to install the jumpers.


Setting feature :

To enable the digital settings mode in order to change the settings :
The "OUT" and "Gain" buttons have dual functions.
When pushing the "OUT" button, the leftmost display digit will flash for approximately 3 seconds. Meanwhile if the "OUT" button is not pushed again, the output mode will toggle between "H" or "P".
         However, If the "OUT" button is pushed again while the leftmost digit is flashing, the unit will go into the digital setting mode.
         In the digital setting mode, pushing the "GAIN" button will allow changing the displayed setting.
         Pushing "OUT" again will allow editing the next setting in the list.

Availables settings:
DAC output mode:
         Push the "Gain" button, to toggle between "Y" for fixed output (or DAC mode, which bypass the volume control for the RCA output), and "N" for the variable output (or preamp mode, which enables volume control on the RCA output).

Auto dim mode:
 Push the "Gain" button to toggle between "Y", to enable auto-dimming of the display (the display automatically goes dark after 10 seconds without using the UI), and "N" to disable the auto dimming (the display always remains on).

Volume memory mode:
Push the "Gain" button to toggle between "Y", to activate the volume memory function for every input channel , and "N" to disable this feature , all input channels with the same volume memory.



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