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R-28 NOS

Fully Balance Discrete Transistors Headamp And Preampamps All In One

8 group fully discrete R-2R DA converters (4 pcs DA-8 board) implementing balanced mode.

4 fully discrete native DSD decoders work in balanced mode .

32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 asynchronous transfer using the Amanero 384 usb input.

All inputs with galavanic isolator

Fully discrete current signal transmission design without OPA in signal path.

Built in real balanced headphone amp max output power achieve 9500 mW that can drive most headphone easy.

Support firmware update to improve on sound quality.

All digital process mode settings accessible by buttons on front  (No need  to open the chassis)


Please note: The product improve cause the inside or outside change without inform .
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Please not:
          The R-28 NOS had built in fully dedicated discrete R-2R resistor ladders DA modules. Based on some users feedback from Audio-gd other's R-2R products, it need longer burn in time to achieve the best sound quality and performance.
          Even it had burn in over 100 hours before shipping , but we are advice customers burn in it more than another 500 hours.
          You can power on it with playing music but shut down the volume for quickly finished burn in if you are at home.
          The mini remote shipped without battery because the either DHL and EMS limit shipping by plane , customers want to buy one CR2025 battery and assemble in the remote.

Input mode: 
Push the button "Input" for select the input sources .
Input 1: HDMI-IIS input.
Input 2: USB input.
Input 3: Optical input.
Input 4: RCA - coaxial input.
Input 5: XLR analog input.

Gain mode: 
Push the button "Gain", the display will show between " L, H" .

"L" mean the unit working on low gain (100 steps and 12DB).

"H" mean the unit working on high gain (100 steps and 22DB).
We have
applied the new gain technology ,no any switches,relays or parameter of the amp change while change the gain modes so the sound quality is exact same in different gain modes. Users just want to choice the better mode for easy adjust the volume level.

Output mode: 
Push the button "OUT", the display will show between " P , H".

"P" mean the unit output from XLR / RCA / ACSS from rear with the volume control, work with DAC+preamp or decent preamp mode. XLR and RCA can connect to two amps in same time.

"H" mean the unit output for headphones on front plate.

" d" mean the unit output from XLR / RCA / ACSS from rear without the volume control, work with DAC mode. XLR and RCA can connect to two amps in same time.



Setting feature :

To enable the digital settings mode in order to change the settings :
The "OUT" and "Gain" buttons have dual functions.
When pushing the "OUT" button, the leftmost display digit will flash for approximately 3 seconds. Meanwhile if the "OUT" button is not pushed again, the output mode will toggle between "H" or "P".
         However, If the "OUT" button is pushed again while the leftmost digit is flashing, the unit will go into the digital setting mode.
         In the digital setting mode, pushing the "GAIN" button will allow changing the displayed setting.
         Pushing "OUT" again will allow editing the next setting in the list.

Availables settings:
DAC output mode:
         Push the "Gain" button, to toggle between "Y" for fixed output (or DAC mode, which bypass the volume control for the RCA output), and "N" for the variable output (or preamp mode, which enables volume control on the RCA output).

Auto dim mode:
 Push the "Gain" button to toggle between "Y", to enable auto-dimming of the display (the display automatically goes dark after 10 seconds without using the UI), and "N" to disable the auto dimming (the display always remains on).

Volume memory mode:
Push the "Gain" button to toggle between "Y", to activate the volume memory function for every input channel , and "N" to disable this feature , all input channels with the same volume memory.

HDMI definitions : (Apply HDMI transmit the IIS signal, the pin's definitions must exact same , and not promise compatible with other brands)

         Note that this product does not require the source MCLK signal but if present, it will simply be discarded.


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