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Real Balanced Bridge Output Power Amp

Non Negative Feedback ACSS Design

Chassis Size : 360*360*80 (MM)


XLR and ACSS inputs
Dual transformers separate power supply for L & R channels
8 pcs in total 1200W output transistors
125W @ 8 ohms output power

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Summarize Use Manual Specs

Audio-gd products had design and test based on the AP SYS-2722 (The top-drawer professional equipment in world)

Summary :

Non- feedback ACSS analog amps.

Fully balanced bridge output design, the gain stages and pre-driver stages work in class A and are built with discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels.

The Diamond Cross output stage design avoids "switch distortion" as good as class A amps.

2 group analog inputs:  XLR / ACSS

Applies 8 pcs transistors in total 1200W Pcm. Supports 120W X2 (8 Ohms) output.

The capacitance of the whole machine reaches as high as 80,000 uF, Two transformers , Separate power supplies for the right and left channels.

Applies all audiophile grade components, including Vishay and KOA resistors, WIMA caps, custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps.


         A1 is a true balanced design applying the newest ACSS design which can improved the XLR connection to sound as good as the ACSS connection. It seems complex , but in fact they are the most simple design the world has ever had , their a lot components to process the power supply.

         The A1 power amp only has a single " voltage" gain stage to process signals, but works in ACSS mode so in fact it is a current gain stage instead of voltage gain stage, whereas normal OPA chips already include two or three voltage gain stages. The simplest and shortest signal journey brings out the most neutral and least colored sound.

         A1 applies ultra-low distortion single stage ACSS amplifier and soldered directly on the motherboard . The gain stages and pre-driver stages working on class A .

         The diamond cross output stage design can avoid "switch distortion"  as good as the class A amp .

           The ACSS is a non-feedback technology made with fully discrete amplifiers. Most people know the global feedback design can offer better specs in test measurements, and non-feedback can't do well in test measurements but can offer better sound for the human's ears. Here is a conflict of the classic circuits. But the ACSS opens a new field, it can offer a least coloration sound which is more neutral with very low distortion and high linearity. So it can retain the dynamics, detail and neutral sound but not sound bright or harsh.

         All signal gain is in current, achieved by the unique, superb open-loop multiple output current mirror. Incomparably precise and ultra-low distortion in the gain signal is the result. The signal path is balanced throughout and all transistors work in class A mode.

         Massive use of high power parts and robust power supply guarantee vigorous current output that drives most existing loudspeakers.   

         A1 applies four channels of diamond non-feedback output stages composed of 8 pcs  transistors. The capacitance of the whole machine reaches as high as 80,000uF. Two transformers are power supply for L and R channels for less channel sound cross and larger sound stage.
        A1 can input not only XLR balanced signal, but also the top grade ACSS current signal. No matter what kind of signal it is input, it is able to transfer it to current signal and amplify it.

        Uses all audiophile grade components, including Vishay and KOA resistors, WIMA caps, custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps,  A1 has all transistors of four channels exact-matched before installation.




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