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Master 9 MK3

Since 1st. May. 2024

True dual mono ,ture balanced ACSS design 
Not only a headphone amp but a dedicated preamp
Fully discrete pure class A design (9000mW @ 40 ohm)
2 Type gain modes can drive high and low sensitivity easy
Neutral and simulate tubelike two sound flavors for user choice on the front plate


Note: The manufacturing process and design can be updated and upgraded at any time so internal and external changes to the actual product can occur without notification.
Summarize Use Manual Specs Shipping Cost

Price: USD1138 ( Exclude shipping cost . Include combo remote controller that can control the Master 9 MK3 and some lot audio-gd latest DAC models . It need two AAA batteries support by users .)  
Organic glass top board price  : USD15
Please send your address, name  to audio-gd@vip.163.com get the quote.

Two chassis versions available, customer must inform while place the order ,otherwise we ship the edition randomly:

Master 9 MK3 Black
Master 9 MK3 Silver

True dual mono design ,Uses two R-core transformers  separate power supplies for the right and left channels.
Non- feedback ACSS gain stage and non- feedback diamond output stage.

Fully balanced pure class A design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels.
Total applied 8 pcs exact matching 150W transistors ( In total 1200W ) as the output stages  for implement large class A output power .
More than 32,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors and 4 groups pure class A PSUs power supply are used to ensure ample and smooth power delivery.
Four-channel 100 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control avoids channel imbalance and improves sound quality .
16,25DB in total 2 type gain modes can drive the low sensitivity headphone very well.
4 groups input: RCA X1, XLR X2, ACSS X1
3 groups preamp output : XLR / RCA / ACSS
2 groups headphone amp output: 4pins XLR X1 / 6.3MM X1

Technology detail

Detail of the Current Conveyor Technology

             Master 9 is a true dual mono and true balanced design applying the newest ACSS design which can improve the XLR connection to sound as good as the ACSS connection. They seem complex , but in fact they are the most simple design the world has ever had , their a lot components to process the power supply.
             Master 9 applies ultra-low distortion single stage ACSS amplifier , the simplest and shortest signal journey brings out the most neutral and least colored sound. the components soldered directly on the motherboard.
             The ACSS is a non-feedback technology made with discrete amplifiers. Most people know the global feedback design can offer better specs in test measurements, and non-feedback can't do well in test measurements but can offer better sound for the human's ears. Here is a conflict of the classic circuits. But the ACSS opens a new field, it can offer a least coloration sound which is more neutral with very low distortion and high linearity. So it can retain the dynamics, detail and neutral sound but not sound bright or harsh.
             All signal gain is in current mode, all transistors work in pure class A mode.

Strong class A output stages
The Master 9 had design 4 groups diamond difference output stages as the balance drive stage, that had  four pair 150W transistors ,they also working under pure class A state .The pure class A design had larger  drive ability than the specs, it drive the headphone not worst than a double power class AB design , not to refer, the pure class A is the best sound design  in worth. The balance drive mode can kill the noise and distortion in the end of the headphone, much improve the sound stage, background and the transparency ,ect. 


Power supply:    
            Two special transformer and 4 groups of pure class A PSU  are used to supply power separately for the left and right channels .
            The class A parallel connection PSU has very high input impedance to avoid pulse through the PSU from affecting the preamp and low output impedance with very fast speed and high linear, so it is a very clean power supply.

Volume control:
            The volume control is also different from conventional technology. Conventional volume control technology is the volume control implement in the analog amp input stage through a volume pot to reduce the signal . The volume pots quality effect the sound quality direct , the low quality volume pot cause lost the detail and channels imbalance cause the soundstage distortion . Even the high performance volume pot still cause the detail lose. Whatever quality volume pots, must cause the S/N worst .

             But in the Master 9 , we applied the I/V conversion volume control , the volume control just a variable passive I/V conversion place at the ACSS amp output , where the output is the current signal, not the voltage signal. The volume control is I/V conversion, and the volume depends on the current (I) conversion to the voltage (V). (Like R-2R D/A chips output passive I/V conversion) It can keep the signal frequency band flat and not lost any detail. It can't degrade on sound quality in every volume level . After the volume , there are four groups diamond non-feedback buffer output stages offer the very low output impedance .

             The volume control quality is much important in the real balance gear . It must guarantee the four channels signal control exact to achieve the performance of the real balance gear . If the cool and hot of the balance signal can't guarantee exact, the balance output will has large distortion cause the sound quality and performance even much worst than a single end gear waste the balance gear design and the cost.

             In Master 9 is applied a four channels
100 steps digital control relays based volume control,  switch the 0.1% resistors to guarantee exact control for the four channels of balance amp . While change the volume, the different relays break or close, it may had slightly switch sound on output and disappear while stop change the volume.




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