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D-27 2022 Edition

 Dual ESS9038 PRO as DA convertor and built in FPGA as DI-20 processor

Fully Balance Discrete Transistors DAC,Headamp And Preampamps
All In One

Built in real balanced headphone amp max output power achieve 16W that can drive most headphone easy.

10W at 40 ohm pure class A output

32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 asynchronous transfer Amanero 384 apply the FPGA synchronous clock.

USB and HDMI built with isolators

Fully discrete real balanced  current transmition design.

Support firmware update to improve on sound quality.

All digital process mode settings accessible by buttons on front  (No need  to open the chassis)



Please note: The product improve cause the inside or outside change without inform .
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Price:  ( Exclude shipping cost)
D-27 :  USD2080
Include the metal remote controller and built in Accusilicon clocks.

Please send your address, name  to audio-gd@vip.163.com  get the quote.
Click to download the driver of  Amanero combo 384

What's new in the D-27 2022 Edition?
1ASound tubelike :
        Even though the ES9038PRO is the one of lowest distortion DA chip in world, but the people rarely consider it is the one of the best sound chip. We had a lot listen experience on other brands that the unit has the good specs but not mean the sound good, on the other hand we even consider the  harmonic distortion make the sound like real and beautiful .
        Like the tube unit and the vinyl system , their typical THD between 0.01% and 0.1% , even the DAC, an expensive USA made DAC as below specs but a lot people consider it has the beautiful sound .

        One day I was thinking the ES9038PRO, it has the most transparency sound but I think its sound dry and lean , if match with good design vacuum output stage that may has the beautiful sound .
        I start considered how to make the vacuum sound by the discrete design.
        And now it finished the test , it isn't put the specs on the first but the sound quality on first . It apply the discrete design but it has the tubelike sound and keep the detail, dynamic and transparency without degrade .
       The distortion + noise level is similar to the vacuum unit and the expensive USA made DAC mention upon.
THD+N <0.03% (Digital input, output 4V, full scale )

Frequency band -3DB at 100K (Digital input 192KHz, output 4V, full scale )

2,   Some especial designs :

,Built in DI-20 processor        
      Nowdays the DDC already popular . A lot people consider the DDC rebuilt the digital signal , reject the jitter can improve on sound .
      Even the source has excellent performance , but the digital signal after transmit, it must get the distortion cause the DAC can't get the perfect signal of the source, that is necessary process the signal before send to the DA parts. So in the D-27 , we transplant the DI-20 processor in it, that can correct the digital distortion, reject the jitter and feed the perfect signal to the ES9038 PRO .
USB  transmit the IIS signal to the FPGA processor and receive the clock signal from the FPGA processor, the USB interface without on board data clocks, the signal transmit is much exact, the sound quality get the much improve . For avoid the source electric interrupt, the USB interface and HDMI IIS input built with the isolators .
,  By accident, I found the ES 9038PRO work with the sampling multiple clocks sound improve than the recommend 100MHz clock . In the D-27 design, the ES9038 PRO clock feed by the FPGA processor, when the 44.1KHz, 88.2KHz, 176.4KHz, 352.8KHz and dsd signal, the FPGA feed the 90.316MHz clock , other sampling like 48KHz , 96KHz ect that feed the 98.304MHz clock.

3, Linear fidelity technology :
         Even though the D-27 is an all in one unit , but it also an excellent preamp and headphone amp .
         The headphone amp has 16W+ 16W at 25 ohm or 10W + 10W at 40 ohm output . It also a pure class A amp , that can output 10W + 10W pure class A power at 40 ohm, that mean all headphones can work with the pure class A station.
         The built in amp has apply the linear fidelity technology  , the distortion near flat and with the quite wide frequency band .
THD+N <0.003% (Analogy  input and output )

Frequency band -3DB at 150K (Analogy  input and output )

D-27 2022 Edition feature:

1,     7 types PCM digital filter and 4 types DSD filter can select on the front plate .
2,     USB  transmit the IIS signal to the FPGA processor and receive the clock signal from the FPGA processor, the USB interface without on board data clocks, the signal transmit is much exact, the sound quality get the much improve.
3,      USB and IIS input built with isolators .
4,      DOP support from SPDIF input .
5,     Three transformers power supply separately.
The unit has two gain modes, the 12DB on low gain for drive the headphone which has over 95DB sensitivity, and 22DB on high gain cooperate with the strong power ability,  enough to drive the HE6 which has around 85DB sensitivity headphones.If customer want to boost 6-12DB gain, in total 28-34DB gain.
 4 channels volume boards are  built in into the unit for a balance volume are control by digital signal applied relaies control the resistors in analog area . The 0.1% resistors working in parallel mode to got the 0.05% tolerance .

8, The DAC has 3 high quality low noise, low flux leakage, R-cores transformers. 
         In total 130W power to supply all digital parts and the left and right analog boards. 
         The digital parts DC power is distributed by 15 ultra high speed low noise PSUs, they are double stages PSUs . 
         The analog parts DC power is distributed by 4 groups PSUs ..All are pure class A low noise regulated power.
         This results in ultra-high speed and ultra-low noise performance. Clean and independent power to achieve highest quality of sound .



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