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(Regenerative Power Supply Digital Interface)

Built in Amanero USB interface , Support up to PCM384K / DSD512

Accsilicon AS318B 90/98M clocks applied

50/75 ohm 10MHz inputs and outputs

Built in 10MHz generator and jitter/phase noise reject processor , has 50/75 ohm output ports for connect DACs

Fully isolator, isolate USB and clock inputs and all outputs

Applied FPGA, support SQ upgradeable, in future only want to connect the PC can upgrade inside hardware configure

FPGA firmware design by audiophile, the codes most consider by the SQ but not only function



Summarize Use Manual Specs Shipping Cost

   USD648 ( Exclude shipping cost)
Two chassis versions available, customer must inform while place the order ,otherwise we ship the edition randomly:
DI-24 Black
DI-24 Silver

Built in Accusilicon 90 and 98MHz clocks:


Click to download the driver      Amanero combo 384
(Only for WIN, other operate systems without driver install necessary)

Please Note:
 The product has built in Amanero USB interface, it's USB can compatible well with the WINs, Apple OS/IOS  and computer type Linux /Android (Include PI,ROCK64, newer model Android phone and TV) but we can not promise it can compatible well with the non computer based digital transports' USB output.
     The DI-24 had built in ultra speed isolation, fully isolate the USB and clock inputs to the all outputs, don't need connect external USB isolation , just let the USB connect to computer directly.
     There are a lot different IIS definition exist with other brands , that need set on the front plate to match with the DAC IIS input definition . Customer also can send the definition to us ask how to set or set before ship.

What's new feature in DI-24:
       1, Built in 50 and 75 ohm external clock input ports , for compatible with the external clock model output impedance (remove the spdif input feature of the DI-20HE, became the 75 ohm clock input feature ).
       2, Built in 10MHz clock generator .The FPGA design the clock processor for reduce the jitter and phase noise, 50 and 75 ohm clock output ports that can work as an external clock , feed the 10MHz signal to the DAC. The clock outputs can switch between internal clock and external clock by user set on the front plate.
       3, Fully isolator built in , not only the USB input with isolation, but the external 10MHz clock input with the isolation , through the isolation output connect to the DAC that can reject the power interrupt .
       4, All output circuits power supply by pure class A PSU for get the better analog feeling sound, USB interface ,FPGA and clocks power supply by 4 groups DC serve power supply and 5 group ultra speed linear PSUs.

Other features:
      1, Built in high performance linear power supply .
      2, Built in the Amanero USB interface that is the most compatible and steady ,during test ,support WIN, OSX, IOS and Linux , and had been test with some TV and phone models that is based on Android system.
      3,  HDMI-IIS output can set the definitions of PCM and DSD through the display menu .
      4, built in the best sound R core transformer and  11 groups ultra PSUs , supplys to the different signal parts separately .
     5, The USB inteface and FPGA processor have applied the same clocks for avoid the different clocks effect the sound quality .
     6, FPGA data process mode can select either parallel or series mode .
          The USB output IIS data is series transmit mode, every data must need one clock cycle to process or transmit, one frame data ( Include L and R data) must need 64 clock cycle to process or transmit, so the data has effect by the 64 clock cycles.
         But the parallel data process and transmit mode only need one clock cycle can finish the one frame data process and transmit, that can avoid the effect of clock stability .
          The USB data has recombine become dual 32bit parallel data once input , and the DSD input has recombine become dual 64bit parallel data once input.
          The parallel process and transmit mode can improve the sound quality on the transparency and detail but still analog.
          In the parallel process mode, all data processing by 256fs clock frequency, but not the usual mode that different sampling music data with 64-256fs variable clock frequency. The fixed 256fs clock frequency makes the signal has more exact timing in phase, process with same timing to keep the sound flavor is same.
     7, The display can show the sampling of PCM and DSD, and it can as the interface between human and machine, allow user change the setting in the unit .
     8, Built in USB firmware update button and FPGA firmware update connector, update firmware without open the unit, and support sound quality upgradeable in future.
     9, The digital data and clock even more easy effect by transmit than the analog signal, cause the DAC sound worse even can not work. So the DI-24 built in multiple strong drive ability chips to drive the different data and clock, to reduces the effect during transmit .




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