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R2R 11 (2019 Version)
Single Ended Discrete Ladder Headphone amp / DAC (DSD native / DXD / PCM)

NOS design with 
R-2R resistor ladders DAC+Headamp
Built in 2 groups DA-8 R-2R modules

Unique noise reject technology remove the artifacts
DSD , DXD support from USB 
Amanero Combo 384 USB interface

All parts soldering with silver tin All resistors are the KOA / Vishay, no upgrade options

Price:     USD350 (Exclude shipping cost)
Please send your address, name  to
audio-gd@vip.163.com get the quote.


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Click to read the Amanero combo 384

Audio-gd products are design and tested based on the AP SYS-2722 specifications (The top-drawer professional equipment in world) 

R2R 11 2019 version new upgraded:
        Since 28th of Oct. 2018 ,the R2R 11 2019 version had released , it had upgraded to reduce the DSD noise had extra -14DB  and keep the sound same with the older version. Now the DSD background noise level is similar to the popular OS design units , but R2R 11 is a NOS design.

Firmware updated
        Since 28th of March 2018, R2R 11 includes new updated firmware .
        The update removes the "pop" sound while switching to the PCM music tracks.
        The customers who bought unit after 28th March do not require firmware update.

•Discrete DAC single ended headphone- and preamplifier
•True NOS , R-2R discrete ladder DAC
•Built in pre- and headhpone amp
•Built in 2 groups DA-8 R-2R modules with 450MHz ultra speed CPLD 
•Unique noise process technology will remove any digital artifact
•DSD native , DXD, PCM up to 384KHz Support
•Amanero Combo 384 USB interface
•Soldered with silver tin for all parts on board
•High quality ALPS 27 volume potentiometer
•Without any mute switches for keep the signal without degrade 

1.USB input.
2.Toslink optical SPDIF
3.RCA coaxial SPDIF

•RCA single ended (Output is configurable: fixed or variable)
•Headphone 6,3mm jack

Pros and cons of R-2R DAC
         1.R-2R will not convert the clock signal into the output signal.
         2. R-2R design is not sensitive to jitter as  Delta-Sigma D/A which is much more sensitive to jitter.
         3. The output signal is much more precise compared to Delta-Sigma D/A
        1.THD today is extremely low with Sigma Delta chips; R2R ladders have good THD but nos as good as Delta Sigma 
        2. Glitches and accuracy of the ladder resistors are very difficult to avoid and require complex technology to resolve it.



•R2R-11 are a breakthrough of discrete R-2R designed ladder dacs. Audio-GD is the first in the market offering high performance discrete R2R in this price-range.

•Two pcs DA 8 modules equipped with ultra-high speed CPLD processors to correct the discrete resistor ladder. Unique parallel processing to achieve superb performance .

•Analogue section design based on Audio-GDs ACSS current driven technology, fully discrete transistors amplifiers.

•Double stages ultra-low noise high speed power supplies offers a musical and black background and  transparency .

•Built in Amanero combo 384 USB interface. Amanero offers high sound quality and great format compability.

•True NOS design. NOS is less sensitive to jitter and offers neutral sound quality .To avoid the digital artifacts, a uniquely designed noise rejection processing technology is applied.

•Native DSD support. no switch applied between the DSD and PCM decoder outputs to avoid negative effect on sound quality.

•Built with highest quality components: all resistors  are KOA / Vishay low  tolerance resistors  , silver tin soldering for all parts on board and ALPS 27 volume potentiometer . 

You can chose between Neutral or Warm sound (Jumper setting) according to your personal taste.

Sound quality differencies between R2R 11 and NFB-11:
          The differencies   between those units are only in tonal quaities 
           NFB-11  sound is detail, dynamic, controled but not bright or hash. 
           R2R 11 has Smooth, coherent and analoguesound quality  and  has no emphasise on any frequencies in audio spectrum
           E.g : You can image the NFB11.28 is like  a highly defined digital photo but the R2R 11 is more like real oil painting.

            If you are a new audiophile , you should go for  the NFB11.28 over R2R 11, NFB11.28 has modern sound quality may better fit for new audiophile.




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